Saturday, June 18, 2005

A beginning of sharing

A lot has happened since I first went into the Advertising program at OCAD, the tipping point I'd say is this summer when I got an internship at LeoBurnett. A lot of hard work and sleepless nights are responsible for where I am now. To my Surprise, a lot of people were astonished when I received the internship, I guess none of them saw it coming. Some even asked how I did it, what's the secret? There is no secret. It all boils down to loving what you do more than anything else.
There was a recent time in my life where I was a bit cynical about Advertising and what is has to do with the world we live in. As my good friend Karen King whom I shared much of those beliefs with would say "meh". Yep ... Meh, I was looking at the picture from one point of view only, I didn't brainwash myself to like advertising, I just started opening my mind to new possibilities.

Advertising is good ... Really!

Yes, there is a lot of negative aspects that tag along, but I believe that the benefits outweigh by far the negatives.
The future is bright ... Tide bright.

After working so hard and achieving something I'm proud of, I had the urge to share what I'm gaining in ways with other people who I noticed are working hard to break into this tough field. I'd send out emails with interesting articles, portfolio tips ... Etc.

This is where this blogspace comes in, to channel everything I come across in the world of advertising and share it with those of you who strive to be the best. Want a place in Advertising? well consider this ... Your trying to get the attention of the people who make they're living trying to get the attention of the masses, so try hard ... Really hard.

I hope to keep this space frequently updated with anything and everything I come across that I find interesting! Anybody can comment on posts ... no sign up needed.

Now go work on your portfolio!


Anonymous Eleni said...

Thanks for posting this Heema. Btw, would you mind sending me the class pic from OCAD, the group shots from Peter's class. Congrats on your summer employment!!


6:28 AM  
Blogger heemaz said...

Sure thing, i thought you meant earlier the shots from Terry's final class, those are on Markos's Camera.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry about the confusion, here's my email...

also do you have markos' email?

hope you're having a good one.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just been accepted to the advertising program at OCAD, but ive also been accepted to Sheridans adv. program as you have any advice on the school or if you think OCAD is the way to go?

2:02 PM  

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