Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Why you should be in Advertising ..(cough..kk)

"One Show 2004 - Student awards"
If you ever were a bit cynical about advertising, or wondered who qualifies to be in advertising ... i came across these two award winning entries in the oneshow 2004 annual.....

First Set:

AD: Sang Woon Lee
CW: Sang Woon Lee
California State Uni

Second Set:

AD: Lee jennings
CW: ian Fairbrother
VCU Adcentre

Pop Engineer: You argue that frank zappa should be taught in school music programs. You say the Strokes rocked harder when they were called Television. And you tell Prince fans they should check out Chocolate Genius. They call you a "music." Snob" We call you an Artist with something to say.

Culture Engineer: you interrupt meetings to ask about "that memo on those TPS reports." You tell co-workers that B.F. Skinner designed your cubicle. And you use words like "Kafka-esque" to describe your mornings. In your office you're Eccentric," In ours, your'e a creative thinker.