Thursday, July 07, 2005


Browsing Polkadot Holes I came across this interesting work of art by Christoph Steinbrener & Rainer Dempf. "...They covered all the advertising, signs, slogans and company names with yellow in a Swiss Street for an art piece called Delete! This must of taken massive co-ordination, sadly of course there is little possibility of an advertiser ever being able to do this but it is interesting art and the mock up of New York Times Square is crazy - that would be amazing (remember nothing is impossible). In art there are many ideas for potential media routes for advertisers. It makes people stop and think and anything that does that is on to a winner. Doesn't this piece of art make you realise how dull life would be without outdoor advertising?..."


Anonymous One View said...

"Dull life would be without outdoor advertising"? I guess you can put it that way but I see it as fresh, natural and an opportunity to mold and create new and original perceptions of your surroundings.
Although I do love advertising because it allows you to be creative, outdoor advertising in areas that are congested with buildings seem to take away from the original creativity that lay before it. The architecture, for example, is no longer admired but instead plays the role of a canvas for new advertising to be placed.
This installation piece is absolutely perfect and should never be used as a form of advertising. I am happy that you did post this piece because it allows all of us advertising fanatics to stop and rethink the effects that all forms of advertising has on society.

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