Saturday, July 23, 2005

People from the top .. the latest Trend in Advertising

I noticed that there have been a surge of ad's coming out that are all about shooting a huge number of people from the top to form a certain image related to the brand. That concept was quite cool when it first came out, but now it's just starting to grow out of porportion. I'll examine a total number of three spots which use the exact same idea.

The first spot is by CocaCola
Watch it here : (sign up required at Ihaveanidea)

AGENCY: MacLarenMcCann Toronto
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Andy Manson/Kerry Reynolds
ART DIRECTOR: Rob Kingston
AGENCY PRODUCER: Franca Piacente
DIRECTOR: Steve Chase

It's a good spot, nothing special though considering the idea has been done by also:

Carlton Beer
Big AD

Those two spots offer the exact same idea of drinking the product / pouring it.

However I think this spot by :

Talk Talk from the Uk
Talk Talk TV spot

It takes the whole concept of people shot from above and delivers it in a multitude of visually interesting fashions.


Blogger guillo said...

that talk talk is the shit! very clever i think....

11:56 PM  
Blogger ellena said...

love the 'talktalk' ad!!!

8:11 AM  

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