Wednesday, August 31, 2005 now Launched!

LeoBurnett Toronto has re-launched their website And I have to say it is simply stunning. A week ago during the Annual GPC 7+ review (where creative work from all around the leoburnett agencies in the world is reviewed and judged) the website scored a 7+ which is such a hard task.

I won't rant too long on this, its best experienced first hand:

LeoBurnett Toronto

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pick Me - reviewed!

Ogilvy superstars Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin finally get around to releasing a book jam-packed with years of their collective wisdom; the book is largely based on their online column at called Ask Jancy. Don’t start huffing and puffing yet though, this book is still such a valuable asset to any hopeful junior or current creative even. I was fortunate enough to see Janet give quite the inspiring speech about the creative process earlier this year; she was a guest in Peter Oliver’s class at the Ontario college of Art & Design. She inspired us, encouraged us to work hard and never give up and spoke highly of her partner Nancy. Now I’m fortunate enough again to get an advanced copy of Jancy’s new book entitled Pick me – Breaking into Advertising and staying there.

The title suggests that the book is aimed solely at junior hopefuls and soon to be graduates, however Jancy does a great overall job with the help of some really special guests (Neil French, David Droga! And more to reach a staggering total of 13 ad greats) to cover pretty much what advertising is all about from scratching the surface to sweating it out with Clients later on when your in your prime. The beauty of this book is it’s not solely aimed at the creative side; it’s for all you aspiring suits out there as well. Jancy sure have an ongoing passion for helping others out and they don’t withhold any information whatsoever.

Jancy gradually tread the many hills and mountains Advertising has to offer, covering a lot of tid bits that you would never learn in school. Witty and insightful writing and responses to many questions keep this book glued to your hands (I finished it in less than a week!) Dealing with many issues that were past mysteries and demystifying them. One thing I found really interesting and insightful was the way they addressed ethical issues in Advertising and how to build a strong argument to back your beliefs. I for one know for sure that our generation has a lot of concerns and issues about ethical practice in any field and Jancy dives in full force comforting our concerns and guiding us on what to do when confronted with such issues, Great!.

Internships, future jobs, agency hopping, Brainstorming techniques, awards, falling in love with your CD, Pregnancy, ageism, sexism, and using cute cats for an ad spot. Can I say they covered everything indepth and in such a generous and humorous way too?

The book ends on climax with two really great sections, the first “ What I know now that I wish I’d known then” offers advice from the likes of Brian Millar, Bob Barrie, Chuck Porter, Chris Staples, Lorraine Tao and more (with a surprise piece of advice from Neil French!) In The second section “What I Look for in a junior” we see also a lot of ad greats get down and dirty giving out all the secrets on what they look for EXACTLY when they hire juniors and how they think even during interviews.

In a nutshell this book is a must, especially if you’d like to see what all those ad greats looked like in the 80’s ;)

Additional Links:

Ask Jancy
Ogilvy Toronto

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Taguchi Me This!!!!

From Icringey

"By Robert X. Cringely

Privacy, identity theft, and how information technology makes the former harder and the latter easier has been our theme for the last two weeks. And this is a story that we'll continue, probably next week, as it further unfolds. But now it is time to take a short breather and consider what I learned by selling my Bowflex home gym on eBay. It is a lesson that could be worth billions.

My reason for selling the Bowflex was simple: I am a slug. Six weeks to a fitter body only works, I learned, if you actually use the machine. Muscles are apparently involved. So when I finally faced reality, I decided to sell my Bowflex on eBay. I wrote the ad, pasted a very nice picture of it that I found on the Bowflex web site, and listed the gym only to find the next morning that eBay had rejected my ad and refunded my money. It was that picture, which was copyrighted, and I had infringed Bowflex's copyright, so they very properly demanded the ad be delisted. I have no problem with that, though it might have helped had eBay made the situation a little clearer. They wrote me a very ominous e-mail saying if I relisted the item horrible things would happen to me. But when I called Bowflex they told me to just take my own darned picture, which I did. "

A crated Bowflex PowerPro XT (my crates are industrial strength -- no, make that indestructible), by the way, weighs 145 lbs.

How did Bowflex know I was using their picture? A spider program looks at every eBay picture in several categories, and if any of them match an official Bowflex shot, then a challenge is automatically generated and the axe falls. What's amazing about this is that what we are talking about is not a deterrent in the classic sense -- it is actual prevention. Bowflex has the capability of finding EVERY violator, which is why they are satisfied with just stopping us rather than whacking off our hands to discourage others.

This ability to look at every eBay ad and learn something from it intrigued me, and I began to think about what other information could be gleaned the same way. Certainly, there are outfits that keep an eye on final sale prices on eBay and other auction sites so they can tell you what you can expect your item to sell for. But the potential for this historical information goes much, much further. I believe that it could be used to easily double eBay sales.....

Read the full article here : Icringey

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Post your work !

I'm curious to see what everybody is working on at the moment. How is everyone's portfolio looking? I'm currently in the process of finishing up my portfolio and hopefully it will be ready in the next few days to come. But for now, i'd like to see your work, if you have a flickr account post it there or just send it to "" and i will post it online here so we can all benefit and get some feedback.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

*#&$#$& Gas Prices!

Browsing Adrants I found this interesting billboard that really identifies with Gas consumers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fancy a night with Neil French ?

On Thursday October 6, 2005 ihaveanidea, in partnership with
FirstLight and Ogilvy, are inviting you to a night of awe and
inspiration as international advertising stars, Rick Boyko and Mark
Fenske interview Neil French live on stage and pin down the source of
his unique talent and never-ending inspiration. No question will be
spared and no topic will be taboo as we reveal the source of Neil's
gift for advertising.

Thursday, October 6th, 2005

$125 - on sale on September 15
(however, you can pre-register for tickets right now)

John Bassett Theatre, Toronto, ON

Full Details

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tide makes me feel gross inside.

Saatchi and Saatchi.

Hmmmm ... Bad job Saatchi, there's mutiple layers of having to "get it" before you finally say to yourself ... oh I got it. I think it's taking a simple idea and trying too hard to execute it. Ariel did a brilliant job to have the same idea come across but in a much simpler way, they had a sticker stain being peeled off a tshirt. That's it.


but to put markers and food ? eww that makes me feel gross inside.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Not only did they ruin the campaign but they "might" have ripped it off. Amazing Toronto. If we had stuck to the original plan it would all be peachy.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Here's your chance to try it out a bunch of brand new action games available on Nikefootball . in one of the games you have to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time!. The site is full of interesting games and features and cool music playing on loop in the bg. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fresh ads from Toronto

A well placed ad by Virgin Mobile on Queen and spadina. Virgin sure know's how to place ads in context and deliver a big boom. I wonder what McDonalds has to say about that?

Another "Fresh" ambient piece from EGGS.CA. This ambient can be found in various subway stations across toronto, this one in particular was shot in St.Andrew subway station.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

smashLAB launches controversial ad campaign

I recently came across this new "controversial" ad campaign by new firm smashLAB. I'd say it delivers in terms of being controversial plus it's pretty neat and original.

Here's what their official press release has to say:

smashLAB launches controversial ad campaign

Branding and advertising firm smashLAB launches an eyebrow-raising self promotional ad campaign featuring the less-glamorous byproducts of being a creative. Initial reactions to ads have been strong-particularly to the one in the series titled "Toilet".

The ad has raised a stink with some, with one respondent saying, "[It's] gross. In a really disgusting way." But it also managed to hit some fans, with another respondent saying, "The **** is my fave. Masterful." Overall, the feedback has been positive, with shades of concern. smashLAB feels it is just what the doctor ordered: a highly visible campaign that targets a very particular crowd and gets people talking.You can see the ads and learn more about smashLAB by visiting

Monday, August 01, 2005

Inspiration anyone?

Music video for the Northern Lite song, "Treat Me Better".

The wonderfully eclectic video from The Avalanches for their song, "Frontier Psychiatrist".